Jib lock system

November 9, 2013

Custom Jib Locking System SRP-010-040


€ 150

Harken 100 mm Spriddle Block

November 7, 2013

SRP-010-006 Harken Spriddle block 100mm Good Condition. Ex. AC2007 Location: Europe


€ 250

Harken 100 mm Spriddle Block

November 7, 2013

SRP-010-001 Harken 100mm Spriddle Block set of two Location Europe


€ 20,000

Carbon Rotating Wingmast 21meters

February 28, 2013

SRP-008-001 Special built carbon rotating wingmast incl. deck and hull bearing, carbon boom, Navtec vang and a 108m2 Kevlar mainsail. […]


€ 60


January 14, 2013

SRP-006-003 Used Mastsheave Price: 60€ not incl shipping Location: Europe.

102mm big boat sheave single (2 off)

€ 130

Harken 102mm single sheave

October 26, 2012

SRP-005-011 Harken 102mm single sheave 2 Pieces available 130 Euros Each not incl shipping Location: Europe.

Screen shot 2012-10-18 at 11.56.38 AM

€ 1,000

New Spinlock ZS1014 carbon c/h jammers

October 18, 2012

SRP-005-004 Spinlock ZS1014 carbon c/h jammers. Brand new still in box. 2 units price per unit. not incl shipping Location: […]

jammer old 2

€ 200

Spinlock ZS1014 carbon c/h Jammer

October 18, 2012

SRP-005-003 Used Spinlock ZS1014 carbon c/h jammers. Good Condition needs new jaws Location: Europe.


Harken 125mm alu blocks with titanium cheeks 2x

April 29, 2011

Harken 125mm alu blocks with titanium cheeks Two Units Units are not new and have been used on ACC yachts.


€ 350

Lewmar Titanium/Carbon Fly blocks 130mm 2x

April 29, 2011

SRP-001-023 2x Lewmar Custom Carbon / Titanium Fly blocks. Good Condition. Ex. AC2003 Location: Europe


€ 120

Plain bearing sheaves 60mm 9x

April 29, 2011

SRP-001-020 9x 60mm Plain bearing sheaves. Various Conditions. Location: Europe


€ 150

Needle bearing sheaves 135mm 4x

April 29, 2011

SRP-001-019 4x 135mm Sheaves. Good condition / Slight Surface Oxy. Used. Location: Europe


€ 120

Needle bearing sheaves 100mm 4x

April 29, 2011

SRP-001-018 4x 100mm Bearing sheaves. Good condition. Some with slight corrosion.Used. Location: Europe


€ 100

Needle bearing sheaves 65mm 5x

April 29, 2011

SRP-001-017 5x 65mm Sheaves. Needle Bearing. Good Condition. Location: Europe


€ 120

SOLD Harken 75 double blocks 2x

April 24, 2011

SRP-001-012 2x Harken 75mm Ex. AC 2007, Used. Location: Europe